Soon We Could Travel Under Our Cities: Elon Musk’s Hawthorne Test Tunnel Goes Live

Who is crazy enough to think that oneday day we could travel beneath our homes, only Elon Musk can envision something like that. A dream like that is coming true as a test tunnel wan unvelied by Musk in Hawthorne.

An 1.1 mile long undrground tunnel was built by the boring company of Musk and has finished trial runs and has began operations. It runs from SpaceX parking lot east of Crenshaw Boulevard to Prairie Avenue.

Sadly this is just a test tunnel for RnD purposes as the technology is still expensive to build for masses.

In the proposed final version the tunnels will have tram cum lifts which will lower cars from the roads and place it on the tracks and the tram will drive the car to the exit and will reach a speeds upto 150 mph. But currently it is in development stage and only the drivers of the cars have to accelerate.

Interestingly the tunnel also houses a lights at the top indicating the drivers to accelerate if it is green and decelerate on red.

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