Electric vehicle – a next gen focus

What is so interesting about the electric vehicle? Why do we need to know about it?

Electric vehicle is an interesting technology changing the transportation industry by being a substitute to fuels like petrol, Gasoline and diesel.

Car manufactures has already testing the electric vehicle by integrating the technology with petrol vehicles

Key advantages to the vehicle manufactures are

  • Eco friendly with zero pollution through emission
  • Weight reduction contributes to increase in electricity efficiency
  • Engine less vehicle leads to sleek design
  • Cost effective manufacturing due to less parts in the vehicle

Key advantage to the vehicle buyers are

  • Stress free services as there is no need of oil and filter changes
  • Complete sensor-based vehicle for easy monitoring
  • No breakdown on roads due to engine issues
  • No need of frequent and periodic service
  • Noise free car

It is changing the world by focusing on issues faced by current automotive industry and electric vehicles with auto transmission option is much easier to drive than other vehicles in the market.

Big companies like Mahindra, Maruti-Suzuki, Honda are planned to release the electric vehicles by 2019

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