Earn Money through Airbnb

Airbnb is a new type of service provider of accommodations like hotels

We all have faced the inconvenience on our stay when we travel across countries and especially rooms will be booked during the festival sessions. Airbnb came up with an option to sort out the room unavailability issues by introducing the rent a house strategy which has been a tremendous success.

Rent a room, a floor or a complete house based on the house owner’s wish and earn income by listing your property in Airbnb with zero investment. Below are the points to keep in mind before you list the property

  • Read the Airbnb guidelines
  • Use the original pictures
  • Mention only available amenities
  • Explain about the surrounding using landmarks like Airport, Metro and etc
  • Reasonable price based on the seasons
  • Convey your expectations upfront

Following above mentioned points will get you a good customer with a positive rating and you will be able earn money and also a friendship from customers

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