Soon We Could Travel Under Our Cities: Elon Musk’s Hawthorne Test Tunnel Goes Live

Who is crazy enough to think that oneday day we could travel beneath our homes, only Elon Musk can envision something like that. A dream like that is coming true as a test tunnel wan unvelied by Musk in Hawthorne.

An 1.1 mile long undrground tunnel was built by the boring company of Musk and has finished trial runs and has began operations. It runs from SpaceX parking lot east of Crenshaw Boulevard to Prairie Avenue.

Sadly this is just a test tunnel for RnD purposes as the technology is still expensive to build for masses.

In the proposed final version the tunnels will have tram cum lifts which will lower cars from the roads and place it on the tracks and the tram will drive the car to the exit and will reach a speeds upto 150 mph. But currently it is in development stage and only the drivers of the cars have to accelerate.

Interestingly the tunnel also houses a lights at the top indicating the drivers to accelerate if it is green and decelerate on red.

Electric vehicle – a next gen focus

What is so interesting about the electric vehicle? Why do we need to know about it?

Electric vehicle is an interesting technology changing the transportation industry by being a substitute to fuels like petrol, Gasoline and diesel.

Car manufactures has already testing the electric vehicle by integrating the technology with petrol vehicles

Key advantages to the vehicle manufactures are

  • Eco friendly with zero pollution through emission
  • Weight reduction contributes to increase in electricity efficiency
  • Engine less vehicle leads to sleek design
  • Cost effective manufacturing due to less parts in the vehicle

Key advantage to the vehicle buyers are

  • Stress free services as there is no need of oil and filter changes
  • Complete sensor-based vehicle for easy monitoring
  • No breakdown on roads due to engine issues
  • No need of frequent and periodic service
  • Noise free car

It is changing the world by focusing on issues faced by current automotive industry and electric vehicles with auto transmission option is much easier to drive than other vehicles in the market.

Big companies like Mahindra, Maruti-Suzuki, Honda are planned to release the electric vehicles by 2019

Earn Money through Airbnb

Airbnb is a new type of service provider of accommodations like hotels

We all have faced the inconvenience on our stay when we travel across countries and especially rooms will be booked during the festival sessions. Airbnb came up with an option to sort out the room unavailability issues by introducing the rent a house strategy which has been a tremendous success.

Rent a room, a floor or a complete house based on the house owner’s wish and earn income by listing your property in Airbnb with zero investment. Below are the points to keep in mind before you list the property

  • Read the Airbnb guidelines
  • Use the original pictures
  • Mention only available amenities
  • Explain about the surrounding using landmarks like Airport, Metro and etc
  • Reasonable price based on the seasons
  • Convey your expectations upfront

Following above mentioned points will get you a good customer with a positive rating and you will be able earn money and also a friendship from customers

Apple Products

Apple products are valued higher than other company’s products across world and the reason for the same would be the brand value and reputation created by Apple Inc.

There are many products like laptops, desktop, mobile, I-watch and I-pads in the market which are more popular among customers.

There are segments of people who buys apple products and would always wish to stick to the products till their lifetime and this is due to the strategy of Apple Inc to focus more on switching cost which will prevent customer from switching to another brands. The brands like samsung, sony and google are the key competitors of apple products which is perceived with different strategies in the market.

Steve Jobs has his major contribution towards the success of Apple inc, with his forecast on technology and customer’s expectations, company has well placed in the market and also in the heart of the customer

195 Billion Pixel Photography

It is amazing that a company from China called Jingkun Technology which is also called “Big Pixel” has produced a very high definition of photograph which could show a people’s face by a zoom in option which is captured from a very long distance.

An article says that, the company used 195 billion pixel called quantum technology which captures even a minute details in a 360 degree panoramic view

The above video shows that with the zoom in option given, we can zoom and see the minute details in the picture and we could see a car parked on the road and also face of a man walking on the road.

The photograph was taken from a Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower and captured the picture with its new technology and big pixel’s effort is rewarded with it’s newly created technology.

It is one of the interesting topic being circulated on the online and also being searched by internet users